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When does the school issue progress reports and what is the grading scale?

It is our policy to inform parents of their student's progress with a nine-week report on Synergy. Parents are encouraged to request conferences with the counselor and/or teachers as soon as they see any indication of possible failure rather than wait for the notice to arrive. The guidance office can coordinate progress reports on a more frequent basis.

The grading scale is:

A 90-100% Superior work
B 80-89% Above average
C 70-79% Average
D 60-69% Below average
F 0 -59% Failing to meet minimum competencies
I Incomplete Work not completed
Cr Credit A passing grade but not a letter grade
NC No Credit Due to absences
NG No Grade Class was audited only.

NOTE: Students who withdraw (W/D) from a class will use their withdrawal (W/D) grade for eligibility purposes. Students who W/D early must be passing to be eligible to enroll in another class.