Students, parents and staff:

We are in a new era for a school in being closed for the rest of the school year due to a virus. At this time we are not allowing any students on campus. There are no practices for sports or any community sports. 

We are still going to provide breakfast and lunch for any child 18 and younger. The meals are being distributed at the Aquarius gate from 8 to 10 Monday thru Friday.

Teachers are assigning online work for students. Students need to check their school email daily for work. We are working on having a device available of those students that do not have one to do work on from home. 

Dialers will be sent out from the school and from the district office when we get new information. If you have changed your phone number since the beginning of the year, please let us know your new one. Once we come up with a plan for seniors to get their diplomas in May will send that out.  

As always, have a great DustDevil year, keep safe out there and wash your hands. 

Mr. Wilcox, Principal

2250 Laguna Rd

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