Parents and Students

The end of the year is upon us. Seniors, you have finished your classwork and now you are just waiting for graduation morning. Underclassmen you have 2 weeks to go and this school year will be over.

The administration and staff want to thank all students for the time and effort they put into this school year. Students have adjusted well to changes that were made this year. We will soon find out if our scores on the AzMerit test increased like they did last year. On the sports field, both boys and girls did an excellent job.

Next year we will have lots of new faces at River Valley. We will have seven new teachers starting in August. We want to thank those leaving this year for their expertise in their field. This includes, Mr. Brown, Ms. Rosenberger, Mr. LaCasse, Mr. Schell, Mr. Wheaton, Mrs. Page, Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Beals.

Again thanks for a great 2017-18 school year and let’s make 2017-18 even better. As always, have a great Dust Devil day, and keep “SOARing to Excellence.”

Mr. Wilcox, Principal

2250 Laguna Rd

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